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E-mail Campaigns


Whether you want a monthly newsletter or an intricate e-mail campaign to help convert more prospects into customers we can help.  E-mail is still the least expensive tool a company can use to increase engagement with prospects and customers.


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AdWords Campaigns


Google AdWords is a powerful online advertising channel that allows companies to pinpoint who they show their ads to and only have to pay when a prospect actually clicks and views their ad.  With proper analytics we can help your company see a major return on investment while increasing brand awareness by setting up and managing Google AdWords Campaigns.


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Social Media Campaigns


Like Google AdWords, many social media sites allow companies to show ads to their sites users in a very targeted format.  Social Media Marketing campaigns can be more targeted and even cost less per click than Google AdWords for the right industries.  At Video Sales Generator we know all the intricacies and subtle hacks to make a social media campaign that will blow your competition out of the water.


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Social-Media-campaigns South Florida


Social Media Managment South Florida

Social Media Page Management


So we all know we need to stay on top of our social media pages, but it’s difficult as the day gets going and more important tasks take over.  Your social media pages are the way your business connects with customers and potential clients and should not be taking lightly.  Video Sales Generator can not only help you stay on top of your social media pages by posting for you, but we can help you get more engagement from your current fan base by posting quality content.


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Want your page to appear at the top of Google for the terms that your prospects are searching for?  That’s what SEO is all about. Google is constantly changing their algorithm and ranking factors and If you’re not up to date on all the changes you could be making edits to your website that are actually hurting you more than helping you.


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Infusionsoft Sales Funnels


Infusionsoft is a great software that we use at Video Sales Generator to create awesome online sales funnels.  Seriously, it’s awesome.  It allows us to seamlessly direct prospects into different marketing campaigns based on actions they take on your landing pages, it’s really cool powerful stuff that REALLY helps increase your conversion of prospects to clients.


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