Video Production

Lights, camera, action!  We have the equipment necessary to shoot in a studio or on location to help you capture the essence of your business.  Combining videos with your online ads will significantly boost customer and prospect engagement.  A recent study revealed that 59% of business owners would rather watch a video than read text, so when it comes to getting your marketing message across video is truly the way to go.


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Video Editing

We believe less is more when it comes to video editing, but let’s face it, a video with cool background music and smooth transitions is AWESOME!  We won’t turn your video into a Michael Bay movie with effects and explosions everywhere but we will jazz it up to make it more eye catching for viewers.  It’s hard enough getting prospects attention on the internet so when we have it, we want to keep it with a well edited video. 


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Script and Copy Writing

While video is the preferred medium of online consumers, the video needs to have quality content to keep the viewers’ attention.  The enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97% so it’s crucial that your video scripts aren’t boring and bland.  That’s where we come in!  We work with you and your team to create a dynamic script that fits your market position and gets prospects excited to start doing business with you.


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Photos and Graphics

Video content is great, but it can get a bit overwhelming trying to film a video for every webpage, blog post, social media post, and online advertisement, that’s where photos and graphics come in.  Photos of happy employees, clean facilities, and satisfied customs go a long way in building trust with your prospects and might be the difference in a prospect choosing your company over a competitor.  Along with photos, graphics depicting why a prospect should utilize your product or services are great ways to generate engagement across multiple marketing channels.


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